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Spark Spot makes it easy to establish an EV charging business offering lease and owner-operator options to attract new customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

Fast Charging For Public
Grocery Stores & Parking Lots

By integrating a EV charging stations, these establishments not only attract a growing demographic of eco-conscious customers, but also enhance their overall customer experience and positions them as hubs for quick and accessible recharging

Fast Charging For Shoppers
Retail & Shopping Centers

This cutting-edge amenity not only fosters customer loyalty but also positions the establishment as a forward-thinking destination, contributing to a positive public image and demonstrating a commitment to both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Fast Charging For Travelers
Hotels, Casinos & Event Centers

Offer a strategic advantage by attracting environmentally conscious guests who drive electric vehicles, enhancing the venue’s sustainability profile.

Fast Charging For Drivers
Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Provide a convenient solution for EV owners, encouraging more shoppers to visit these stores by offering quick and efficient charging while they shop.

Host A Site

Spark Spot Is Proud To Collaborate With Industry Leading Companies

Empower your business with the future of mobility! Owning an EV charger isn’t just a choice; it’s a must for forward-thinking business owners. Attract eco-conscious customers, boost foot traffic, and stay ahead in the electric revolution – because in the fast lane of progress, EV charging is the key to future success!

Partner Program

Collaborate with us and support our EV infrastructure projects.

Owner Operator

Acquire Spark Spot fast chargers and enjoy all charging proceeds.

Buy A Location

Purchase EV charging locations already operational.

Transformative Testimonials

Hear firsthand how business owners who embrace electric vehicle charging not only elevated customer satisfaction but also boosted foot traffic, positioning us as a leader in sustainable and forward-thinking business practices.

ev charging testimonial
Bimal Bhatia Founder & CEO of HFS Inc.

Spark Spot not only enhances the appeal of our properties but also positions us as pioneers in sustainable urban development. It's not just about selling spaces; it's about shaping a greener and more progressive future.

ev charging business
Daniel Hayes Founder & CEO of Hayes Resources

Spark Spot's commitment to innovation, and expansive network have not only provided substantial returns on investment but have also reaffirmed my confidence in the future of sustainable mobility. Spark Spot isn't just a sound investment; it's a catalyst for positive change, shaping the landscape of the electric vehicle revolution.

brian lee
Brian Lee Energy Lobbyist for 10 Years in DC

Integrating Spark Spot charging stations into our commercial properties has been a game-changer. The value proposition for our clients and tenants has soared, attracting a new wave of environmentally conscious businesses and tech-savvy customers.

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Are you interested in electrifying your business by adding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations? We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance, information, and support on integrating EV charging into your business premises.